Friday, May 6, 2005

meet things laughing in the face of death
yesterday i made a concious effort to actually meet my life straight on. somewhat. it involved actually going to have a chat with my tutors to see where im headed with my education and all. but i'm glad i went there with the grace of God, and found that my tutors were very different from the task-masters my subconcious has been presenting them.

today, im going to advocate sticking to the drinking limit for drivers, because it was my FIRST random spotcheck by the police after i've been back from a party. and well, i passed with flying colours, but nothing beats being a responsible citizen. well, its more like no sense wrecking you life over one night at a party.

and then there's this super healthy breakfast i'm having now. eat right, to start the day properly! bircher musli, yogurt, bananas, milk and honey. whip it all together, and you've got a high energy and fibre diet to get you thru any day!

and then there's this dinner i'm having at my house this saturday, where people are all coming over with some dish. i get to make soup, yippie, ive never made soup before. the funny thing is that when you're checking if people are coming, and because i stay with peivn, everytime i say 'our house', it just almost sounds like couple-dom. it's not!! i'm getting the wrong end of the stick if i'm supposed to be single, i shouldnt have to be made to feel like im attached to someone. hahaha, but that's just my crazy unsettled side talking. i guess its a bonus to say something as inviting as that, without needing to be attached to someone. i know, i'm making a mountain outta nothing..

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