Sunday, May 15, 2005

i am a lost child
so the week finally winds down and i guess i've got some room to breathe tonight. just tonight. but i'm glad, finally played a kickass show at the newport. i left early, so i dunno wot the reaction's gonna be like, but i really had more fun at this gig. just wished i had more time to get more mates down for support.

well, when i think about it, in almost three weeks, university is going to end, and there goes another semester in the blink of an eye. it's way too fast really, and before i know it, agape camp will take place and i'll be back in spore as well. somehow, apart from my folks, friends and baybeats.. i don't know if there's anything else to look forward to this break. i feel somewhat lost, don't have any long term plans for internships and all that. it scares me somewhat, that i'm still taking it so easy. starting to wonder if i need a crash course into the school of hard knocks.

apologies that this seems very fragmented, but i think that's how i somehow feel right now. facing up to certain things, moving on in certain areas, unable to let go in some. but i suppose that's life, and everyday's an adventure to find out something new about the things that happen to you, and the things that you happen to others.

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