Saturday, May 28, 2005

may the dawn heal us of all infirmities
i got up at eight thirty this morning, just so i could run a few errands before going off to worship practice at two. however, setting up my bass took longer than expected, and after three hours, it's finally done. and i feel as if half the day has gone by already. still, there is a sense of satisfaction that i managed to do everything myself, but it is terribly draining. now i'm supposed to get an edit done to publicise camp tomorrow, but i dunno if i'm gonna have enough time. and then it's off to a shoot in the evening that looks like it's gonna take all night. God help me. have to get up at six thirty tomorrow just to reach church by seven thirty. i shure could use an energy boost, but as long as God is the strength of my heart, i guess the storm will weather thru.

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