Tuesday, May 31, 2005

ohhh.. just listening to simply red puts me in an awfully smokey mood. the songs you grew up with, when songs were still good and arrangement was paramount. when talent could not be contested. oh well, just had two tests in the afternoon and i'm coughing from the amount of smoke grenades i popped to get thru'em. i'll see the light soon, the light will find me.

speaking of light, i was watching this prison drama called oz (which is a daymn good show i might add) last night and there was this commentry going on at the end where this inmate was talking about how skeptical people who find something that works for them become fanatics. fanatics are the ones that screw up the world, because they think they've got some divine light of god behind them. he goes on to say how for most of us, we don't need some divine light, because light blinds us. in the darkness, we just need enough light so we don't hot our toes on something on the way to the toilet.

very dark, very poetic, almost inclined to agree somewhat. but i know wot its like a little, the darkness. and how the celebration of light is not about fanaticism. i've said it before, don't talk about darkness like it's cool, because when you can't even tell wots in front of you, you're totally and utterly lost. have bigger concepts of the life we lead! there's more to it!

but just to show the biblical principle that fanatic light isn't good.. there is a verse that goes "your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light unto my path". also, having enough light to see wot's in front of you, keep you on the right path. soooo, all in all.. an interesting thought.

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