Tuesday, May 10, 2005

leaves a bitter taste
tomorrow is our uni gig, and we're pretty psyched about playing there i guess. i dunno, the prize is pretty small, but good nonetheless. three songs recorded, pressing of cds, a spread in the uni rag, perhaps play at the end of semester bash. i mean, publicity and free stuff is always a good thing. so lets hope we do well. -)

how would i describe may fled's music?

i'd just say it was honest to goodness stuff, that lacks pretense and fanfare, but all the wholesome goodness of introspective songwriting. couple that with a kickass rhythm section and you've got one of the tightest and loosest three-piece combinations all at once. our songs are alive, and they will seek you out just for singing's sake. if you have a voice, it's our dream to get it heard.

date: 11th may 2005
time: 430pm
venue: murdoch uni tavern

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