Thursday, May 5, 2005

was that tea with biscuits you ordered?
there was this short absence because i was just too tired to type anything down, and it wasn't because of all the emotions i've been feeling. well, God is good, He gives us new courage, new rest and peace whenever we choose to surrender the things we can't change, or perhaps won't chnage about ourselves. and well, come as you are, He will use you anyways. thomas was just a constant source of support thru this, thank you bro for being there and showing me the Lord's perspective and keeping me in your prayers as well. then there was also ah tan who just made so much sense and threw light on the subject. "emotions aren't love, and love isn't just emotions" wow, you're not the main lyricist for pensionstate for nothing man. hahaha

so well, the days have slowly started to pick up again. im looking at a pretty busy two weeks ahead, so lets hope something gets worth mentioning in here. thanks for sticking by still!

oh yeah, might as well add that next wednesday may 11, may fled is going to play a uni gig at 5pm at the murdoch tavern. it's just a short half hour set for the uni band competitions, so we'll see how far we go with that.

and then there's sunday may 15 at the newport hotel in fremantle. we're the first band to play at the SLAM Wars fest, new bands always go first. hahahaha, but we don't mind, gotta start somewhere, and the Newport's a nice place for gigs. well, come experience our brand of earnest rock, that all we wanna share are just our songs to you. earnest rock should be a genre of its own. not that i or we care. *grin*

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