Friday, May 27, 2005

help recover the next generation
how do i scream out the words? how does it all come crashing around? when you look left to right, centering on the souls of others, perhaps pieces of yourself you will grab onto. and judge less you may. so don't be oblivious to the things surround, turn a blind eye when they cut you. these are the instructions to life, don't listen to any of them. please please, i plead and implore you to just fill up this white space, and then you will know wot i mean. how everything falls apart, and makes sense to it all. get inside my head, and start tapping to the rhythmn in your soul. hold on, hold on, because when it's drifting all around, wot is left to do but hold on? be washed away, by the currents of pseudo life, hold on, to the rules of pseudo life. slowly it's not making anymore sense then it did at the begining. i've almost lost the will to live, the last shard of life i hold on to. it is the savage tomorrow, it is the clear day today. the gathering storm, the madness surrounds us on this cold morning. it is the gathering storm, and we will gather away, bind our spirits together, entwined and we shall live forever in the hearts of each other. it is the final call for today. birth.

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