Tuesday, May 17, 2005

drawing from an empty well
sometimes i wonder how i just get through a day. sometimes you have many activities, but its the days that are flippant and empty that leave a gaping hole in your heart. it's difficult to find motivation to even do anything, and all this just adds up to a despairing emo rut where nothing doesn't ever seem to matter.

which is not a good thing.

because there's more to this

and you have to start living like you mean it.

i've been listening to a lot of the youth-y and trendy worship albums recently, mainly as a resource for co-ordinating worship for this year's church camp. i'm actually liking a lot of wot i hear, and i'm wondering if there ever will come a point in time in the future where i actually turn my back to the secular music scene and concentrate on christian music. seems far fetched as it is right now, but one never knows and it's all for You.

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