Monday, May 2, 2005

old fashioned love
my second last day in Sydney, and i kinda hung out with sue. i'd say being with her really brings back a lotta old memories, and many new ones as well. i mean, i used to like her lots, and while its cool we're all friends, it sucks a tinge when you know there's all there is to it. now, i say i'm over her, and i think i am, but perhaps there's also always a small part of me that thinks of otherwise. as also as with other girls i've fancied before. please tell me it's normal, or is there something more i'm supposed to be letting go of? you know your place in the world, and it isn't here. it's all there is to it, and the strange beat marches on -)

flashed in our eyes

well sue, if you ever read this, i know that's all there is to it, because i'm just glad to know you're happy wherever you are. and 'sides, it's just an old thought resurfacing -)

so we just hung out on the ferries in circular quay abit, and i think its a great way to see the sights of sydney. it was good to just have the sun slowly go down around you, and soak in the ocean as well as ferry smog. we headed down to bondi for a fried mars bar, and met han and his relatives, sharon and pim pim for dinner at this famous place for bbq ribs called "hurricane". the food is seriously good, but they overstuffed me with way too many ribs than i could handle. while i appreciate the hospitality, it's a strange way of showing us you care *grin*

clear blue skies

if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back at you

shaz & pim pim

with a little help, i conquered the mountain of pork ribs

well so, there goes the day, there goes another little adventure in the strange mis-adventures of indie-boy! bearing his heart and soul on the railway tracks of life, praching to you at sunday worship.

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