Monday, May 16, 2005

you have a funny knack for stating the obvious
hooyas! quite an adventure tonight i'd say. went out with melvin and grace to get some test shots at the perth museum just now, where we met two very socially retarded guys. kids basically who tried to coax us into giving them our camera, and when we said we couldn't do that and proceeded to leave the place in a jiffy, they disrespectfully caught up with us, threatened us and hit melvin and myself out of the blue. i got pushed to the ground and we each got socked in our faces quite startlingly, but my adrenaline was pumping already and i really really wanted to retaliate.

and somehow strangely we were still very calm, man.. i was so angry. just wanted to swing the camera case (made of a hard substance) square into my assailant's jaw. shure he'd lose a few teeth, but hey i'd feel a whole lot better about the situation. well, i just thank God that no one got seriously hurt, and it's all still flowing in me right now. like, i could have done something totally out of character but i didn't. we backed away from a scuffle because they had about four more friends nearby, and we had to look out for grace as well.

so here it is, the single worst experience i've had in perth. i'm just so so disappointed and disillusioned right now. at this point in time, i can't seem to have any compassion or understanding, because right now.. i just feel like violence and a manual face-lift would solve the turmoil right now. in some sense, i'm sick and tired of being looked at like we can be walked over. i'm so sick of this dis-respect people have towards one another, this antagonising stupidity.

i won't even reserve a ounce of sympathy for any of them no matter wot their situation for taking it out on a fellow human being. i wanna cut something in two with a big bad-ass knife like symbol. sadly, i can't redeem this part of the world, so i'll be content with tell you just how i feel right now.

people do fight back, remember that. don't push your luck, because someday you may just get someone kicking your door down and knocking your brains out with a baseball bat called sense


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