Tuesday, April 19, 2005

breaking down the walls of annihilating guitars
i guess i'm thinking of wot to say, but my mind's an utter blank right now. just now as i was lying on the bed, i think i felt my brain just processing wot it's gone thru today. basically, i was downloading this manga series, bleach from this website here and more or less reading it the whole day. i must say i like it, and it's refreshing to start reading a new series from scratch because naruto has gone on for so long already.

and so, for dinner.. i'm quite proud of this one, but i had a nice bed of lettuce, quartered tomatos with pan-fried chicken strips and bacon bits. my dressing was balsamic vinger sauce with japanese mayonaise. while it wasn't the healthiest salad, it shure tasted tasty. i especially loved the chicken strips because i marinated them with sesame oil and paparika, and it had this really nutty bite to it. so score another one for me!

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