Sunday, April 10, 2005

missing the missed
these sorrowful days. well, i digress because i just think that it could be a band name once again. my apologies for not updating in here since thursday. lessee now, wot can i fill you in with? well, basically i just felt really tired after friday and saturday night because of some massive days.

like yesterday, we woke up early to go to this authentic french patisserie in east perth for breakfast. and wot a quaint little corner it was! had a blast, and i was also at jon's for a bout of musical education. hanging out with the right people can only inspire you to lock yourself in the woodshed.

and on friday, i just went shopping with maddie at fremantle. i was in a bit of a shopping mood, because i looked into my wardrobe, and it was drastically short of t-shirts. so i bought one which cost me 49AUD. not too bad, and also got myself a belt i had been eyeing for some time now. and just having a blast flaunting it around.

so yeahh, we're still here to stay.. my church here has been blessed by the ministry of russell sage and i've learnt so much from his workshops. i hope to consolidate some of his gems to share with you guys here. so stay tuned!

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