Thursday, April 14, 2005

pull that red string to see it all comes crashing down
so i bought that camera today. and y'know wot? there are so many functions! i'm not a junkie or something and there are many things on my mind, one of them isn't finding out how a camera works.. i think i need to make another list. and make shure i check everything off that list.

well, today i spent working on tomorrow's worship for agape intensity. never done it before, led a band or bunch of people to worship outside of cell. you can't see it from here, but i'm feeling the jitters somewhat. but i know i'm serving God not man, and that is a huge encouragement to me. if you believe in prayer, keep us in your prayers tonight.

lets see now, that list
edit melvin and hui chuin's song
clean the mess on my table
clean the mess off my floor
make dinner
pump petrol
send out chords for worship
buy tickets
get delay pedal back, looked at and fixed
set up bass

that looks about right for now.
i'll post pictures once i find out how the darn thing works.

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