Saturday, April 23, 2005

recovering from the backblows of
hey guys, i just realised that i am awfully embarressed with the snaps below. simply because of the cheesy sub-par white frame thing that all mega-snappers seem to employ. mine's just, wrong. but somehow, i don't wanna take them down, or edit them because as you know while i employ self-censorship on this blog (ie. i have my own agenda and principles and don't just shoot my mouth off thinking this is my blog and if you don't like it you can screw off.), and one of the defining things i feel of this domain, is that once it's up, it's rarely edited. if you insult me on my mindless grapes, i will not take your post off because your insight is not my control. things are rarely edited once their content has been posted, because it is a snapshot of the mistakes we all make. and we don't always go back in time thinking we could change them because we are constantly moving forwards. sasuke once mentioned that his dreams only lie in the past, and i think that's rather sad because we don't have the courage to face tomorrow. one more day to make it right. one more second chance.

gonna be video-taping another wedding later, so i'm just fixing my brunch now and just tieing up all the loose ends that come along with such tasks.

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