Saturday, April 23, 2005

tear out the sun to live in the cold dark afterglow
so. today was a day that kinda came and went. sometimes i'm just surprised at how time flies. when i got up, and just helped around the house a little, before i knew it.. it was already 1130, and i had to go to uni to pick some equipment up. and then off to fremantle because i needed to buy DV tapes from Harvey Norman (5 for $35), but they ran out of that stock, so i had to buy 2 for $24. then decided to walk the markets abit and i got myself an atari t-shirt for $22. drove back home and muddled around till 7pm when i had to pick some folk up for cell group. and once cell group is over, its 11-ish and before you know it, i'm stuck here typing an entry about today. where does the time go! some kind of intergalactic wormhole where aliens drink the streams of time like bubble tea with bad pearls? i don't know.

anyhow, here are some pictures i snapped and just attempted to resize them in photoshop.

the petals should just fall
this flower was snapped at a wedding rehearsal. just mucking around with the depth of field on my camera. which isn't much to begin with.

fun times both young and old
derek & arielle, both are just so cute together.

a man with a plan
yh just allowing himself to be photographed for my thrill. i think the flash got too much into his eye.

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