Tuesday, April 26, 2005

who are the knockers on heaven's door?
exciting link for today:


wedding video. scratched. alright, i'm gonna want to watch dig! the movie sometime, so take note folk in perth. be a sport and watch it with me! paul's turned me on to the brian jonestown massacre, and if you're a fan of the dandy warhols, wait till you check these guys out! you won't be disappointed. more lo-fi, more rule-breaking and more madness than ever!

so after yh and i settled the wedding video, i went down to rockingham with paul for band practice. somehow, i think the drives to rockingham will be something i'll remember in my stint here. in fact, any long drive along these flatlands will remind me of perth life. band practice was pretty good too, we've got two gigs lined up on may 11th and may 15th, and those should be pretty good i hope. today's practice felt good, because it was one of those cathartic practices where the pressure's off and you just allow yourself to flow into the music and not worry about mistakes. just the song and you, strange relationship and how we write music.

and on a final note, is someone willing to eat a chicken cutlet on my behalf? i'm missing it!

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