Friday, April 29, 2005

don't be burderned by hope
alright, so today woke up pretty late, because i slept late, though early in perth times. well, not that early, just about nine plus, but heyyy.. that's early enough sometimes, depending on how late you sleep. ermmmm, oh kay.

O'Connell Street
this is the street where my good friend alywin is putting me up. seems like a nice street, very unlike the flatlands of perth.

here we have a homage of sorts to our favourite drinks. it seems there will be some celebration to go on tonight -) ( ^_^)/U*U\(^_^ ) KANPAI!

this is where i got put up for the night. the decor is just so for the celebrations tonight. but i don't mind, i think its awfully trippy, and it calms my nerves.

she's the smart one!
and one of the other reasons why i came over, to just share in the graduation joys of dear sue. -)

so yeahhh.. feels good to get away from the surbaia of perth, i mean, not that i loathe it, but y'know, mebbe i'm a bit of a city person somewhat, till i start getting bored of it. mebbe its dementia or something. but wait, that doesn't affect you in this way. wonder wot it is, but hey, i like it here! well, somewhat, just great to meet friends from all over the world. tomorrow beckons something new!

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