Thursday, April 14, 2005

this is what i mean
incessant yabbering. i'm just blown away by the responses to the tool gag that ran on april 1st here.

i remember dismissing it off as a prank straight away, but some of the responses in there really bowl you over. they talk about how much they know its a prank, but somehow need reassurances that its not a prank.

and the thing that gets to me is how tool fans are always dissing Christians for their blind faith, but i suppose the same can be said about them. in a man like you and me no less. at least ours has some God-like properties. (you gotta believe in Him first though, i do). and yeah, you have to seek reassuarances from fellow tool fans and mjk himself? even demi-human-deity couldn't be arsed whether you got it or not. its ironic, you see the needs of such fans wanting a touch from their gods, and their gods just want all their own time to themselves because it's our right to our own space.

somehow the Christian walk just seems so fulfilling, because where we are lacking, He will fill us and complete us. and its funny now too, i used to be crazy about tool, but i think i havent been too hot about their music in recent months, its almost as if poly-ryhthmns aren't such a high priority anymore -)

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