Thursday, April 14, 2005

trickling spasms of honey dewed mornings
i think its a nice thing when you go thru your mobile address books and you change people's names from some generic association like "uni" or "church" to the person's actual surname or nickname. i suppose it's a sign of getting to know someone a bit more than just hi-s and bye-s.

if you've noticed by now, there's a flickr stream on the side of the blog. hopefully it'll be changing constantly and you won't grow bored of staring at the same pictures. it's really such a cool addition to the blog, don't you reckon? and my account is even cooler, it lets me share all my albums in different sets and is fully customizable. i think i could fall in love with taking photos if sharing them is so easy. already i've found a really good photographer at this link here.

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