Thursday, April 7, 2005

something in all of us
wot got me thinking on the can today (yes napo, your theory "ideas come from a can", dated 24 march 2005 applies here), was that you know how with freudian theory, all, if not most men have the castration complex where they fear some sort of imaginary castration and that's wot drives so many of us to do the things we do. because i guess we all fear our fathers chopping our gonads off and wanting to be with our mothers. anyhow, i would like to introduce how the fear of impotence can affect us.

i think men do fear impotence, not just in the biological sense, but basically not being able to perform in any situation. think about it, think about wot society expects of a man, wot it expects a man should be and ought to be. wot deems his success? even in a spiritual setting, wot makes a spirtual man. and for under-achievers, or perhaps very confident men, do we rank our fear of "not performing" high up there?

i've mentioned before, it's not so much doing the right thing as it is about obeying God. if you're doing something radical, people are bound to get angry or question you or not show you support, because you're not conforming. and i don't think God conforms all the time eithe.r

and it just got me thinking (disclaimer: this isn't an attack, just a point of contention and view which is supposed to merit civil discussion and not screaming in lifts - applies to everyone please, thank you.)

if we're meant to have this fear, of impotence but more so infertility.. like if this fear is wot is supposed to drive us, doesn't that mean that in homosexual circles, the fear of infertility isn't so high anymore? but are we meant to have this unthought fear drive us in some way that we don't often think about?

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