Friday, April 22, 2005

you're quite welcome
y'see right now i'm quite lost in the solitude of sound that seems to be wrapping around my decaying senses. sometimes you can taste the sound, so closely lightly tipping on your tongue. driving your senses mad with ravenous passion. you see, it's not about being scared of wot you don't know or can't see, much rather it's all about just letting yourself fall into that state. that defensive position where all you can do is fight your way out.

bear with me while i figure out how photoshop works, so i can resize these images of mind so that i don't need to use flickr to host them anymore. cuz i may just prefer to host multiple pictures in one post rather than have one post per picture.

and well. i realise that nobody says you're quite welcomed anymore. was just watching lost just now, and one of the characters just let loose that phrase. and it's got sucha casual, yet semi-formal quality to it. casual in the sense that it's totally laid back, semi-formal in that if you don't really know a person, you can say quite as if you don't know if you can be totally welcomed. although it can be argued that we feel totally welcomed to strangers but we don't always know how we feel with someone we're close to and go "you're quite welcomed".

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