Monday, April 4, 2005

punk rock destroys your soul
on my white table now are some dirt spots, because its difficult to wipe your table clean when there are things on it. on it are my laptop which where i do most of my work and download most of my music. it is also where i am typing this now and communicate with you. playing in the background is simon joyner's happy woman, but next on the list is slipstream's healing hands and soltero's communist love song. in left corner is a tin mug of cold water because it gets a bit dry in my room, and i prefer to stay hydrated. and next to it is also a different water bottle than my purple nalgene one because i left it in spore. i remember it was quite a rushed morning getting here to perth as it always is. adorned on my shelving section of my table are a myrid of photographs, mainly snapped from my holga. but there are two which are not. they remind me of the good things that happened in my life, and they are usually people, like my mother, sister, friends, neighbourhood items as well as mt buller. usually, i don't type like this, but there's something simple they i hope gets conveyed here. mebbe i don't like typing my emotions out all the time because they're usually uncollected and it's not the best way to espress them online. i like to tell people things, because it feels like i'm sharing my life somehow, that i'm not alone in this world. is there fear in lonliness? but sometimes i like being alone. it allows me to gather my thoughts and launch my next attack on the unsuspecting denizens of the world. i don't like being un-prepared and being caught off guard. that is probably why i spend so much time thinking, i like to know how things work, and scrape below the surface. perhaps i should have been an acheologist, but somehow the thought never came into my mind. i ended up studying communications and screen studies even though i'm more a musician than a screen aficionado. but i still can't play guitar properly and i just imagine that i'm a bass player, but really, all i do is play bass. i think that to be a true musician, you don't tell the instrument wot to do, but the instrument tells you wot to do. until you become the instrument, you will never become a musician.

i've overshot the three song limit, and playing now is speaking canaries's menopause diaries. i quite like it, its got growly guitars and falsetto voices. i think i should leave now, because while this is somewhat detailed, i think its terribly boring for you to read it. but i think that's why i wrote it in the first place.

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