Saturday, April 30, 2005

flights of fancy
today we were off to the glebe markets, which is kinda like a flea mart, but it was way cool. i dunno, nothing in perth even compares to that right now, or perhaps im not looking hard enough. dunno, being in this part of sydney makes me wish there was more in perth, because perth just feels like a get married and have kids sort of place. nothing against that, its just that its not wot i want no.w. now, i just wanna milk the most for all its worth, because there's no sense going thru life half-hearted. you got one shot, and even the 'legacy' you leave behind don't mean much. or nothing even. i never understood that. i wonder if we are inherently born with a need that needs to be filled, that need of acknowledgment that doesn't disappear in death. because this 'legacy' thing feels even more like a flight of fancy than believing in the afterlife. you exist in people's hearts after you die, and thus your memory lives on. very manigmous. but as politically correct as that sounds, think for a moment if that is our inherent characteristic? or are we created with a sort of 'selfish desire' to be acknowledged, that if we are to 'exist forever', it would actually mean just that itself and not some over-romanticsed notion of memory? let's not just get too caught up in the fluff, and forget the stanky hole we are born into.

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