Wednesday, April 20, 2005

there's nothing to make you start
sometimes people win arguments by just being more domineering. i'd just like to point that out, that sometimes thing don't make sense, but to avoid conflict, people give in to the more stand-offish opponent. is this any way to fight a battle? will calm and collected debate stand up against irrational and fierce contention? scared into submission? my mind is somewhat flooding right now with respect to a certain blog i read that seems to have fired up quite a lot of debate. i somehow feel that when people argue, they/we start being self-defensive and don't really listen out to wot other people say, because we spend much of our own energies defending our own claims. that is why communications is flawed, much less a blog. never ever take a blog too seriously, even though it's so easy to take someone else's point of view as your own, perhaps even taking the popular opinion as the right one. i'd say think for yourself in the past. but now, i'm losing all faith in this human wisdom and would rather encourage you to ask God for that wisdom and give that glory back to Him. because we don't hold any of the answers.

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