Monday, April 18, 2005

rolling off the volume and tone
so today i got up at the crack of dawn. feels so far away.. but yeah, i actually left for church at 645! wahahaha, sometimes i can't even believe it -) but it was for the Lord, glad to be able to do it somewhat. i really am glad for all that's been happening lately in church, and how much we're learning with each new day. how life is a continuous outpouring of worship in all that we do. shure it hurts when there's no payout for our efforts, but when your perspective is more on the life after, and the glory of God that you serve, payouts just aren't the same with the privillege of serving the wonderful creator.

and during the sermon, i was reminded to be careful of hypocricy, that even when i talk about the immense-ness and greatness of our God, am i doing it in a boastful way that i've found out something you havent and that somehow i could even be a better Christian? well, i don't think i've been doing it that way, but hey, it could be lingering somewhere for all you know. but yeah, best to be aware of our own human trappings.

amazing wild mushroom risotto

and then we had dinner at jade's place who made the delicious mushroom risotto you see above. in fact, my picture doesn't even do it justice, but take it from me, it's incredible! the next generation of chefs has arrived and i'm glad to know one of them *grin*

and a big shout out to jo-lyn whose birthday was yesterday! i dunno if you read this blog, but i thought i'd let you know. God bless and may He be the source of your joy!

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