Saturday, June 26, 2004

big day out
running on a caffine high. the cuppas at incontro are divine, and the flavour so full and robust it's all keeping me up. i feel a bit nervy and edgy, which is probably all the good quality coffee that's getting to me. just sitting here waiting for something to happen, just waiting to pack my things for church camp. waiting for things to happen. wide awake as a whistle. the title stems from seeing jeannie's photo album named dayout. i just thought it fit the mood for the past and the future. uni vacation has been great so far, in the space that i am not going back to spore this holiday, im really filling up my time well doing creative things and having some sort of an outlet. God has blessed me with good friends to hang out with, and things to do. i look forward to all of you in spore at the end of the year, where i begin another chapter in the life of brian. but that's one whole semester away, and im already thinking some radical changes to life, like getting off broadband. see y'all on the other side.

p/s i wanna catch steve vai when he comes to perth. i wanna catch billy sheehan take it out on his bass, its gorgeous, feel inspired when i see him play, the way he feels his way around the instrument. i think i know why im unlucky in love, i've fallen in love with music.

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