Wednesday, June 23, 2004

stupid random thoughts
so i was just thinking, with all the foreign policies going around, the real people calling the shots are the translators aren't they? now before you think im a jackass.. imagine that all the foreign policy departments were in cahoots, and since country A don't know wot country B is talking about, on the tele, in the papers and agreements, wots stopping translators for doing things for their own good? nationalism? c'mon.. all government slaves lie at the interview. "oh yes, i learnt alot in the army and it has made me a better man." (blatent over-exaggeration)

- pauses for much thought -

oh kay, now you're entitled to call me a jackass. or a bASSist. hahahahahhahaaha! i laugh at my own dumb jokes. *snigger*

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