Friday, June 25, 2004

kick low where it hurts
just something i said to anne just now. we're such bastards aren't we? yet every man has a weak spot. some see it as a tool of power, i'm reminding you today how frail a man can be.

more than this. yesterday i attended the church's prayer meeting for church camp preperation, and i think safe to say that yes, the presence of God was there. it's been a while since i felt the cold shiver that comes when His Spirit descends into our midst, and i just didnt feel like i could stand. i knelt, more than anything because that was all i thought i could do in the presence of such an awesome power. it's been a long time, really.. the heydays of my youth, perhaps revisited last night somewhat. i don't know wot God's gonna impress in my heart for church camp, but i wanna go in somewhat prepared to listen to him. and for courage to follow his command. pray for us in camp if you remember to, that God will grace us with His presence, and give us a goal to work towards, as much as it is all a step of faith, one step at a time. -)

only gonna be back on tuesday, just so you were wondering where the updates have gone.

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