Saturday, June 5, 2004

where we are going, you cannot follow
so for wot seems to be a long time, ive finally gotten off my butt to try out for something pertaining to the craft i've followed known as bassplaying. i still can't say i'm a bass player, but i wanted to play. so i tried out for this ad that was in the uni. it said "mellow rock", wotever that meant, mellow meant un-fast, which suited my frozen fingers. it's gonna take a while for us to warm these old joints. well so, today i checked 'em out, and they checked me out. it's a very indie-alterna feel within the band. they didnt have many concrete ideas and that suited me fine. the playing as abit scrappy, but they just means that all of us can improve, and as my find our sound together. they were quite receptive toward me, which was suprising cuz i could barely hold a groove and i was making stuff up at the top of my head. but the point is, is that because everyone's at such a 'low-level', its gonna be exciting to see wot hard work and passion can finally achieve. they seem like the open type, and yeah.. i'd like to be a part of that i spose. it's not just about the music when you try out something new musically. like they say, music has thought us certain life lessons. i now know how to get to redcourt road, and i live in prescott drive. hey! it could happen to anyone. well anyhow, its not that far away. but still!

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