Sunday, June 13, 2004

days past young and old
age old traditions giving way to newer more contemporary and liberal methods. i'm not really too shure which is better, but i think when we change tradition just to suit ourselves and lifestyles, then we're losing the real deal. and if we're breaking the mold of something that is stifling us or not pleasing to God, then it makes sense to break that sort of of a hold. i guess, it's not so much what's then and now, but what, or who at the end of the day are you living your life for. i suppose a risky critique would be that, we're always out to please ourselves, and look out for wot serves out best interests. if out hearts and minds were on God, then if he told us to stop doing something, it wouldn't be that big a deal would it? i won't say its blind faith, but when the things of this age concern us less and less, and the material things tend to dissipate, the things of the spiritual realm become clearer. for our battle is not with the flesh but things in the spiritual realms.

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