Wednesday, June 16, 2004

turn your back against time
inspire me, this generation. your forgotten faces since i turned my back to you. our paths not crossing again, like the deviance in the roads and the many accorns splattered the road. one too many seeds to grow and grow into hard oaks we will.

wheeee, it's been another well spent day somewhat. firstly, i got my hair cut. yes! i got my hair cut! my first haircut in almost seven months. well, im quite pleased with it, though i wish the hair stylist kept more of my back. i don't really know how to describe it, but i guess it's short compared to the usual mop that i sport.

then i went to garden city to get my auto insurance done. i'm insured only if i damage someone else's car. but that's enough, my car isn't worth much anyhow. sooo the company's insuring me up to 25 million dollars. so yeah, if anyone values their life at a quarter of a billion, and wants to make a donation to the help brian foundation, make me your sole benifector and i'll run you down. and back into you if i happen to miss the first time. that's the equivalent of winning big brother twenty five times in a row. oh, but get this, i have to pay an excess of AUD800 if i damage your car! so hey.. to make things good for both of us, ermmm.. wot say i give you more money if you let me hit your cair a few more times so that the damage amounts to AUD800 or more. well, it'll be fun, and 'sides.. im not really known for my road rage.

whoo hoo! and then i managed to get this steal of a pair of brown quicksilver courdury's for AUD50! that my friends, is a real bargin. i love'em! and im quite suprised i manage to fit into a size 30 quite comfortably. of course, i'd like to lose a bit more weight. like those men you see in women's magazines. yeah, those objects of feminine fantasy. (point to note, cutting your hair as the magazine's model does not make you look like that model. don't worry, im not that dumb, just some useless advice for useless people. though i don't think useless people find this blog.)

so yeah, quite a materialistically pleasing day. i'd like to go back to a shoe shop and get a pair of vans lazy shoes (as i call'em). gee whizz man, winter's really the time to dress up!

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