Friday, June 18, 2004

we're walking in the light of love
you know when you have your sister around, it's so much fun to have someone from home. =) i'm playing the tourguide i never thought i'd be (i suck at it), but thru it all.. i learn the roads so much better when we're figuring things out on our own. and then she tells me alot about her trekking equipment, and we both suffer from gear acquisition syndrome. i guess it strikes anyone with a passion for things. so she got herself a macpac kauri which apparently in the circle of trekkers, is a reputable thing. it's similar the way she is with me.. we're suckers for trends but we never quite cut it. but it is a spiffy bag!

so then again, we just walked wot we could of perth city, shared a roast lunch.. and it just felt comforting to be able to spend time with your elder sibling. think God's blessed us with sucha wonderful relationship, i mean sometimes i'm paranoid that she's not enjoying herself and all.. and how i could've been a better host, and yet she's always there encouraging me in so many other aspects of my life. i think i could do her a favour and not be so paranoid, and accept her sisterly love graciously, because she means it, and i shouldn't just smile on the surface and fake a happy acknowledgement. i acknowledge it deep within my heart, because it's the least i could do for someone who took it from deep within herself.

we also happened to stop into an art gallery. she was an adelaide based artist, and she had pieces that spoke to me in a way. now i don't know anything about fine art, or modern art, but i think she communicated something there was in her heart, something that she envisioned but could not quite grasp. i wish i could remember her name, when i do i'll be shure to post it up! maybe her visuals will speak something to you. and yeah, it does inspire me to express myself in more ways than one. -)

gonna catch the K tonight!

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