Sunday, June 20, 2004

denting the wall
so think about someone, anyone who's smiling or having fun where things seem alright. and then there're those who are screaming against the highest wall, who can't see no end in sight. and either way, don't think about now, but wot happens to them in the future. are they saved? just how swakooly desperate are we to see the people around us saved. our loved ones saved. just how uncool and unhip are we gonna be for Christ? when are we going to stop fluffing up Christianity with rock music and magic tricks, promises of material wealth and big shiney buildings.. and bring it back to why God saved us in the first place? for His glory and his love for us. that none may perish. that paul could say that "to this end i labour.." when are we going to not allow our friends to stop slandering and mocking the name and image of the Most High God who saved our souls. when are we going to seriously survey our salvation, and understand wot it means to be saved in this lifetime. when are we gonna look past the differences within our church, and say to each other, "i'm a toe, but mr nose i need you" because Christ is the body, and we are the parts. when will we start looking at the big picture and stop saying "you don't understand.." when will we learn to have faith, that with faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. that faith is a gift. that we don't need to out-holy one another. just. that. when.

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