Thursday, June 10, 2004

taking a step back
i am in awe, of man made things, and God made things. i guess after almost twenty two years of existence, i have hardly, hardly even contributed much in the creativity that matters to me. as i step back at the genius of what my band members have arranged for our EP, it is only a small consolation that i played a few bass parts on some of the tracks. i don't think i could even have envisioned the depth of wot those songs are now. i peer into the designing minds of graphic designers of INfront, and i just gape with an open jaw at the creativity of some individuals, and the immense beauty that comes when these individuals come together as an entity. and yeah.. it's easy to get lost when there's so much around us, so much where we feel we'll never match up. and then some. i look at myself, and wonder why my nose isn't on my naval. or my penis isn't where my nose is. we see some sort of beauty in our normality as well. so in some sense, all these groundbreaking works, are in some sense, conservatively normal. we have something within us, whether an instinct, or collective memory that tells us wot beauty is. we are a tainted generation, i do wonder if the beauty of eden could have been described, or the immenseness of it all. eden, i'd like to go there sometime.

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