Sunday, June 20, 2004

sitting standing banging on things
oh look at me, look at me. i don't really know wot to say. i've been pretty descriptive in my posts havent i? like no inane top of the brain ramblings lately? i'm spoon-feeding all of you with little bits of useful information you can use.. and a diet of spoon-feeding can lead to dullness. ishouldwritewithoutthespacebarjustforkicksbutiknowhowirritatingitcanbe. anyhow, yesterday my sister and i had a glorious hike on near the entrance of the bibulmen trek in kallamunda. im no trekker, but im really glad to go with my sister and have a real blast. stripped to basics and nature all around. we share many similar philosophies about stripping things down when it comes to both music and trekking. we're both such geeks sometimes, and yeah as siblings we don't ever really fit in anywhere. and that's a good thing. please don't look at me when im typing jie *pai seh*.

so 'ello ello to you one and all! i just wanna tell you that God loves you for who you are. let him love you and dwell inside your heart. i don't know, but i think that everyone needs God's embrace to see things clearly sometimes. -)

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