Saturday, June 19, 2004

soul food : an ode to the magic of the k
i have had the distinct pleasure of experiencing one of WA's finest.. observing and abosorbing the K live in action, playing their final gig at the humble rosemount hotel as venue. i was really looking forward to this gig, and not so at the same time. i mean, who wants to see a fantastic band breakup. but then again, their music lives on despite their breakup, and it might be good because everybody needs to move on in some sense. when the time has come for the passing of one celebration, we will treasure the history shared, but the end is not in sight as the individual members seek to break new ground, push the envelope and chase their muse.

but a bit about tonight. they are a fantastic improvisational band and have tremendous technical proficiency on their respective instruments. to see the two aspects gel together was inspirational to say the least, but to observe as each musician led one another into the zone, to a singular point of communication and to hear them respond in the virturoisity of their skill.. one can't theorise these things. as i told a friend before, the K bring you to a place where space and time don't matter. you are here and now and there is a certain magic. all i can say is thank you, for giving me that distinct pleasure of experiencing that. some highlights were defintely seeing the pure talent of 21-year old dane alderson groove away on his yamaha TRB6 as well as watching and listen to the band change grooves and time signatures so seamlessly. much of this magic coming from their young drummer andrew fisenden. and there was a moment, when he got into this drum solo, and it was a simple rudimentary exercise for him, but the passion that overflowed from his playing.. andrew to me, may not be the tightest drummer yet, but on his kit is a overflowing passion that burns thru the entire band.. it melts the well-trodden roads and brings a primal groove, an excessive rush hedfirst into the fire kind of intensity. the band would be fools not to follow such a supercharged steamroller into enemy territory of musician's humility and lack of self-confidence. no, this band has tremendous confidence, and like a experienced squad of soldiers, they pull out all their stops with brutal effieciency.

the K are a band that has managed to catch its muse, that is why they are able to bring themselves and their audience into the moment. and the beauty of it, is that no recording device can simulate this experience. the muse is fleeting and cannot be caught by recording. at least, not when a band is performing live. sometimes, you catch the muse while recording, when you set out to make a record. but if you're out to play the circuit, the muse visits you, and you can't record it. only perhaps paint a faint reflection of wot happened on that night on your mini-disc recorder. it serves as a reminder, but it won't translate the magic into your senses. the memory lives in you.. so i encourage all of you, go out of your lives and live it. don't spend forever recording something that is so fleeting.

so i thank you, the K for your gift of music to your audience. truely inspirational.. may you all find wot you're looking for.

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