Thursday, June 10, 2004

day 269
well then, it's official. i have a provisional driver's licence from the state of western australia. now this might be mildly exciting for some.. for me, it's as exciting as watching bacteria cultivate. oh kay, that is remotely more exciting than wot i had to go thru just to get my butt off for this licence. but yeah, ultimately, there is a minute sense of accomplishment that hey! i actually did something on my own! i registered for a licence, scoured rabidly for a car, and finally.. with help from some friends, and of course my dear dad who sponsored/loaned me the capitol, i have aquired a passport to independence. somewhat.

having a driver's licence means this for me:
(1) real photo id. not my passport anymore! those swakoo days of going into anal pubs are over.

(2) a mark of independence because i can finally go where i wanna go. and yeahh.. im the sort that feels wary of asking people for favours. because all you need is to meet one calculative person, and it just wrecks your mood. they'll take everything they've done for you and promptly ask for a repayment when the timing befits them. i mean, i'd like to think that im not like that, if i do help around, i genuinely wanna help. but on the flipside, it's made me kinda super sensitive and i think i jump to conclusions when people mention something that needs to be done as a reminder twists itself as a comment out to get me.

(3) i can finally cut my hair. i have proof of the length of my mane, and perhaps its finally time to restyle it. perhaps. but then, i hope its not some swakoo picture as well. shite shite shite. im sucha vainpot hiao ka chng.

geeeeeee.. that's it i spose. this is a boring life somewhat no? hahaha, well its the hols.. i'm gonna try to get off my butt and do something worthwhile.

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