Tuesday, June 15, 2004

the nights are long
brian cannot navigate around perth, end of story. it's about as bad as putting a goldfish into an ocean. find my way home..? hooya! everyday's an adventure when you're my shotgun buddy. well, at least i managed to give my sister the scenic tour without her asking for it. i guess i'd be thankful for a brother such as myself. so we drove quite a bit today, mainly because i got lost. we'd probably have done less than half of wot i drove if i knew my way around the city. baka-ration. but yeahh.. i think my character level's increased by as much as 2,776,876 points, so the next time i hit the city, i shouldn't be killing any wild oxen anymore. not that i have, but that's another tale. for another time to get lost.

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