Saturday, June 12, 2004

she lets me slip away
the whispers in our hearts that we don't often hear. we're so deaf to them sometimes, because we want to do wot our brain tells us. we hurt ourselves, so we don't have to hurt others. we're giving even where there's nothing left for us. more and more, we want less and less, till we're the singular now in the plural. i don't think i can talk coherently now because i just feel kind of majestically lost in the swirl that has gripped me today. fear not, because it is a very normal day on the outside, its just that we all need some time, when in a second, suddenly the great mysteries of a singular life continue to baffle us to no known end. why do we do wot we do? i offer you no explanation, just the encouragement to go out and discover it for yourself. take it with you beyond the grave. believe in life after death, it may do you some good. take a moment, to breathe, and if you're blind, touch something warm and then cold. see it with your fingers, you may be seeing things clearer than the rest of us with the gift of visual esthetics. so many times, we're dishonest to ourselves, perhaps due to the fact we're not very proud of our actions. we cheat death in so many different ways, we steal our lives from so many others. i don't think we can even live it on our own because we are the continuation of something else. then again, we are remarkably unique in our present time that this is us. no one else. we're not here to judge, judge not 'lest he be judged. and then some, all the observations in this lifetime isn't going to save me. hands up if you believe we're actually swirling into the downward spiral. is the world going to be better? i don't know.. even if by a universal standard that the world's state did improve. were we all meant to be here..? i still can't find that place in this world, preach it to me sista. i could preach somewhere else. you have to let the incoherency out once in awhile.

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