Friday, June 25, 2004

soldiering on, walkin' on sunshine
waking up early, i followed jon to vic park to accompany him as he handed out flyers at the local music store to offer his services as a working musician. the folk there were great, we talked and were really warm and friendly.. and were open to quite a few forms of music. and yeah, they just traded tips, connections and the stuff that makes the world go round. it burst my bubble a little when jon mentioned they only became nice to him after the heard him play, but still, it was a good thing.

later, it was time to meet the band again. they call themselves alysium, i don't think too much about it, but i'd rather have a band called dreamlights. anyhow, we had a really good jam today.. i think im breaking into the band somewot, i played quite a few melody lines that i liked, and no one really complained even though i thought at certain points i was getting a tad showey. but it'll change if they ever want me to play less y'know? but yeah, im quite pleased with some of the melody ideas i had actually come up with. especially when we wrote a new song, completely new song! paul was just playing this riff, and i pedaled on the G-string and just created a progression, and it all works. i wonder if they wanna take this into a godspeed you! black emperor laced song, because the riff that he plays is just so complementing of the simple line i came up with. i'd love to see this go places. and when we jammed a coupla other songs, i just happened to come up with some licks that i so wanna use in the songs, and created a totally different vibe to wot a bass normally does. i dont wanna just play straight ahead as effective as it is, i wanna create something more, and i hope they get it so that they can agree with how im responding to their music. and then, i was really proud of this other line that i came up with, where its sort of a walking line, but the closing phrase just sounds like it came out of a godspeed you! black emperor song. it's not that im copping their riffs.. i just felt inclined to play something along those lines without thinking, and yeahh.. mebbe wot im listening to is emerging. great! yeahhh.. now i do wanna see this band go places, not because of their huge talent (like mds), but i just know that once we get gigs or we record, we're just gonna sky-rocket up the learning curve, and we're gonna create a lot of intense work. and i never really dreamed i play in an indie band like the ones i hear of in all those elitist muso magazines.

listening to fugazi now, and anti-melodies are lovely lovely approaches. we will leave you gasping.

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