Wednesday, June 16, 2004

many things on the mind of wholesome love
whoa whoa whoa, just watched the super sappy flick raising helen but it was such good fun. -) i'd recommend it for anyone who just wants to watch a feel good movie. kate hudson's pretty adorable in the flick, and she gets to date a dishy pastor character who looks like john travolta pot belly en-all. his best line in the flick? "i am a sexy man of God, and i know it" oh well, i didnt think it was blesphemas? i don't think so, i think pastors don't have to take themselves so seriously all the time. and im glad he didn't sleep with kate hudson anytime during their on-screen dates. it was good wholesome dating fun. which is kinda lost in today's society. its so feel good we might well be in the fifties. hur.

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